We celebrate the people who put their skills and free time towards a good cause.

Volunteering for a FASHION SHOW is an important task no matter the city or designer. If you're part of fashion or not - you know it’s happening. Fashion Shows takes over our social media, and the streets and will eventually influence what you wear. To be part of it is really exciting - and every fashion obsessed girl and boys dream.  So if you're fortunate enough to have the opportunity to intern/volunteer during fashion show make sure you make the most of it, so listen up in order to not only survive but thrive!

Are you ready?

DO know what is expected of you.

Just because its short term doesn’t mean you don’t need to know exactly what is expected of you. Working a fashion show doesn't consist of you sitting front row next to top fashion folk, you won’t go to every after party, and you won’t get a selfie with every fashion designer. However what you will be is dressed all in black, hair up, a trickle of sweat on your forehead and lacking sleep. It’s a  rollercoaster that you won’t get off until that last model walks backstage on the final show. You will be running around like a headless chicken trying to make one designer 15 minutes the best of their life. Walk into the fashion show with an open mind and a comfy pair of flats.

DON’T Dress for the runway.

Dress for backstage. The fashion show is war and all black is your armor. I have seen so many volunteers be warned about their attire when showing up for show day. Working fashion week isn't your time to get discovered it’s your time to work hard and impress your boss. You can still show who you are - just tone it down a little and be PRACTICAL. So tie your hair back and lace up your shoes and keep your heels in your bag. What to wear: Customized white t-shirt (we will supply), black jeans and comfy tennis or flats.

DO be prepared

It is essential that you have stoked up your bag of snacks and essentials to get you through the day. I suggest - nuts, fruit, protein bars and a bottle or two of water. Although most backstage areas are filled to the brim with snacks you never know when lunch is going to be or dinner! 

DON’T: Overshare

We all can get carried away with sharing our lives on Social Media and when you are an intern that internship can be your whole life. During the fashion show, you need to respect your work and not be heavily active on Social Media. Make all your accounts private and know when is the right time and place to get your camera out.

DO: Listen up

All information is vital - there is nothing you don't need to know. Information in a stressful situation (like a fashion show) is key. You may think something is not important or relevant but when you are in the moment, a moment of crisis you suddenly realize knowing where the nearest bathroom is, where you can charge your phone as key information. So when your manager is talking or the show director is doing the run through. LISTEN UP.

DON’T be unprofessional

Just because it is a fashion show doesn't mean office etiquette goes out the window. You will probably be watched more than you would be at the office. You are representing our company/brand so professionalism is key! You need to remove yourself from the chaos and excitement and focus on what you are there to do. Asking anyone for a selfie before/during is simply unacceptable and extremely unprofessional.

DO think on your feet

This is hard. Normally during a fashion show, your coordinator will give all interns specific job roles. That is your role to own and live up to. If you find yourself in a tricky situation, think on your feet and use your initiative. I have had numerous panic moments where I thought I was going to get fired but you have to trust your instinct and trust your boss when they put you in that position. No one is around for help you so you have to figure out what’s best to do in the situation at hand.

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